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I am willing to be your English speaking guide while you are staying here on Nakagomi Orchard.
2281-1 Iinoh, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi pref.
TEL&FAX 055-283-0584
cellular phone 090-3520-2635
kazu(English available)
From April 10th to July 30th,Oct 1st to Dec 20th
Thursday--8:30am -5:40pm
I might NOT be able to catch my mobile phone during hours that I showed above.
Please give me your call during the other time.


how to get to Nagaomi Orchard

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how to get to Nakagomi Orchard

how to get to Nakagomi Orchard
There are several ways to get here from Tokyo direction.
(Especially, in the countryside of Japan, I suggest you to utilize a rent a car service since there are not many local buses running. JR provides a very economical service called “Torenta-kun”. It is a set of service of JR express and rent a car. This is the easiest and most economical way as long as you intend to explore your trip in the countyside of Japan.)
(About two hours to two hours and half)
( It takes about an hour and half or at most two hours from Shinjuku to Kofu. From Kofu, it takes about 30 min.)
( It takes two hours and twenty min. to get to Shirane IC West bus stop. Walking for 20-30min. In case we are not too busy, we can come to the bus stop and give you a ride.)
(From Shinjuku to Kofu, it takes about two hours. It takes another 10 min. to get to Shiozaki Station. It takes about 15-20 min. by taxi to get to our farm.)
<<Nakagomi Orchard,Fruit Picking in Japan>> 400-0222 2281-1 Iinoh, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi pref. TEL:055-283-0505 FAX:055-283-0505