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I am willing to be your English speaking guide while you are staying here on Nakagomi Orchard.
2281-1 Iinoh, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi pref.
TEL&FAX 055-283-0584
cellular phone 090-3520-2635
kazu(English available)
From April 10th to July 30th,Oct 1st to Dec 20th
Thursday--8:30am -5:40pm
I might NOT be able to catch my mobile phone during hours that I showed above.
Please give me your call during the other time.

Information about fruit picking

Information about fruit picking
Because of the serious damage of Typhoon No. 19, we are forced to stop taking any new reservation for fruit picking except persimmon picking in November.

The information for our guests

The information for our guests
Please make sure that you read the following information before you come over to our farm for fruit picking.
<Chinese(Simplified / Traditional)>


We are a fruit picking farm here in Yamanashi.
You are welcome to visit us any time that is convenient for you.
Our fruit picking starts in the beginning of June with cherries and goes on until the beginning of December with various kinds of other fruits for almost seven months in a year.
We are sure you'll enjoy picking & eating our seasonal fresh fruits.
We are usually open between 10 am-5pm but we may have longer opening hours for peak seasons and your visits can be arranged by appointment.
We will appreciate it if you can let us know around what time you are arriving and how many guests are joining you.
*We won't cancel our fruit-picking even though the weather is not good since we have lots of tents, green house and dorms. Unless it is very strong storm or tyhoons, we will provide fruit picking.
When you come over to our farm by car, please take a look at the English map that I made on our website as well as your use of Google map!
*Our reception will be on Farm 2 from August 9, possibly until the beginning of November.
2019’s Fruit picking season (The schedule is subject to change.)
*Our business hour starts at 9:00a.m. and opens until 5:00p.m. during June, July, August and September.
For October and November, we open from 10:00a.m. until 4:00p.m.
* For 2019, we will close our farm for fruit picking  every Thursday in June, which means June 6,13, 20 and 27.
●Cherry picking
<Picking season:around 6/14~6/30
We finished our cherry picking for this year.
●Peach picking
Picking seasonaround 6/14~8/31
We have some vacancies between August 25 and August 30.You need to make a reservation.
●Nectarine picking
Picking seasonaround 7/27~8/12 
*We stopped taking a new reservation for this year.
●Plum picking
Picking seasonaround 7/20~7/29
※We stopped taking a new reservation for this year.
●Grape picking
Picking for black Kyoho variety8/10~9/29
Shine Muscat picking
Picking season9/1~9/29
If you come for Shine Muscat course, you can have both Shine Muscat and plucked black Kyoho variety.
●Pear picking
Picking season8/10~10/14
●Apple picking
Picking seasonaround 10/5~11/24
●Persimmon picking
Picking seasonaround 10/19~11/17
Basically, we provide fruit picking only on Saturdays, Sundays and National holidays for whole November and early December.
Yet, in case you are a group of more than 20 people, we might be able to take you in as long as you make a reservation and let us know in advance.
*Making dry persimmon
                          around 11/9-11/24

Fruit picking season

Fruit picking season
Christophe Adam
In late June, 2013, Christophe Adam, internationally very well known and famous French patessie came to visit our farm for making a special document that was later broadcast all over in France through French channel 5, the most influential TV channel in France on Christmas Eve.
*Nakagomi Orchard will appear in about 20 min. after the film starts.
JAPAN Monthly Web Magazin - JNTO -
Nakagomi Orchard's fruit picking appears on the following JNTO's official site on February 25.
JNTO stands for Japan National Tourism Organization.
As following, our English page has been linked from this JNTO English website.
The Branding of Japan - Japan Tourism Agency -
Japan Tourism Agency
This is an official guide book issued by Japan Tourism Agency.
Nakagomi Orchard has been selected in this article.
Fruit Picking in Japan  - Nakagomi Orchard -
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Autumn Leaves in Minami Alps

Autumn Leaves in Minami Alps
Minami Alps City Sightseeing Association
Mt. Kushigatayama's Trekking course in Minami Alps City

Japanese grapes

Japanese grapes
The following video shows how people overseas are attracted by its high quality of Japanese grapes.

wwoof video international

wwoof video international
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