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I am willing to be your English speaking guide while you are staying here on Nakagomi Orchard.
2281-1 Iinoh, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi pref.
TEL&FAX 055-283-0584
cellular phone 090-3520-2635
kazu(English available)
From April 10th to July 30th,Oct 1st to Dec 20th
Thursday--8:30am -5:40pm
I might NOT be able to catch my mobile phone during hours that I showed above.
Please give me your call during the other time.


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Please refer to Privacy Policy and agree with it before asking.
*Basically, we try to respond to any request message that came through our reservation form within 24 hours.
If you don't receive any reply from us besides automatic one, there is very high possibility that our reply went into the junk box of your PC or smart phone. Please search for our official reply in your junk box first. In case you still can't find it, please write to us or give us your call.
You can write directly to kazunaka@olive.ocn.ne.jp or please call 090-1664-2921.
*Please try to avoid using "hot mail" and "yahoo mail" since I have been having troubles to respond.
*Please do not use FAX when you want to make a reservation.
*Please use just reservation form.
Nakagomi Orchard
If possible, please try to avoid visiting our farm on Thursdays and Fridays during June and July.
That's because I will not be on the farm. Our other staffs can also handle with taking care of non-Japanese customers, but they don't speak good English.
For August and September, mostly I work on the farm seven days a week.  

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<<Nakagomi Orchard,Fruit Picking in Japan>> 400-0222 2281-1 Iinoh, Minami-Alps city, Yamanashi pref. TEL:055-283-0505 FAX:055-283-0505